We have had a good season and I wanted to remind you of the charities we have helped. I am sending a donation of £325 to Medecins Sans Frontieres which is made up of £100 fee from Gordon Riggs, £102 collected from Busking in Burnley and Gordon Riggs and the rest as my pledge to give half of the takings (after rent) from the Todmorden group this last half term -£123.

The collectors for Pendleside Hospice in Marks and Spencer’s said that they really mopped up whilst we were singing and were very grateful.

The Carers Chorus were asked to help a fund raiser in Great Harwood Medical Centre. They were assisted by some Secret Singers and the event made over £500. Again the Carers Chorus were asked to busk in Burnley Tesco for Carers Link and were helped by Secret Singers – £400 was collected in 2 hours!!!


At the Readstone Singers Concert in Haslingden the Carers Chorus with Some Secret Singers did a set too. The total raised was over £300 for the Rossendale Memory Choir.

The Readstone Singers also raised £504.10 for the Northern Cleft Foundation at their concert at St John’s in Read. Well done everyone, we did all that and had a great time too.

I am already looking forward to singing with you all next term Meanwhile, have a lovelyChristmas and New Year

I leave you with this poem by Noreen from the Nelson group, which incorporates lots of phrases from this last terms songs- brilliant Noreen

Olwyn xx

17thDecember 2016, by Noreen Lobo

We’ve “broccht” our “Willy Woccht”

And our antlers brown;

Olwyn’s dressed as Santa and

We’re singing in the town.


We’ve lullayed a child

With a maiden who’s “sitten”

(It’s so jolly cold

We’re nearly frost-bitten)


We’ve yoiked for the reindeer

And watched with the sheep;

We’ve promised that we

A warm welcome will keep


Ibaba,  Ibache

We know all the words,

And, like the Nigerians,

Sing it in thirds.


With arms in the air

Our Noel we have sung;

We’ve rattled our tins

And our Bells we have rung.


We’ve given old Rudolph

A go with his nose

And finally brought

All our songs to a close.


If you want to join us

You know who we are

We’re called “Secret Singers”

Please spread it afar!