On Saturday 21st July all 4 Secret Singers groups got together for a lovely social event at Burwain Sailing club. We had beautiful weather and sang looking out across the lake, it was lovely!. Everyone brought something to eat to share (far too much!) and Richard and Mark manned the bar. We sang for almost 2 hours and everyone joined in- even with the songs they didn’t know. I always say that we are there to express not to impress and expression was there in spades!! You could really hearing the joy , enthusiasm and exuberance! The wall of sound was pretty impressive too.

Well done those who came and bad luck those who missed it. We will do another at Christmas though.

Peter Whittam made some recordings on his phone- not the most ideal equipment but you will get the idea.

(To listen to these files, right click on them and “Save Link As”…)