• Yes, we can sing together again, IN PERSON! Albeit only outdoors but it is a firm step in the right direction.

Venues arranged and risk assessments are all done. songs chosen and prepared and a rain jacket for our banner cum word sheet holder has been fashioned (wait til you see it, it’s really something!)

We started this week. Todmorden should have been first to kick off but with a forecast of 77% chance of rain I cancelled. However Tuesday was a new day and perfect for both the Marple and the newly formed East Lancs groups.  The Nelson and Read Secret Singers and the East Lancs Carers Chorus are sharing one slot this term as we see how many singers are ready to return.

Marple had to have their first outing in the quarry Car Park on Ridge Rd Marple and it worked pretty well. It was so great to see everyone and for me to hear everyone too instead of the blankness of Zoom.

East Lancs have a courtyard to sing in and the way that the sound bounces off the walls was really helpful. The only drawback is the we are in the shade and it got a bit chilly. Anyway, now that we know that we will be better prepared next week. We also realised that the space will accommodate a few more socially distanced singers so we will be able to have up to 25 from now on. Booking is essential each week for this group.

When the next level of lockdown easement happens we will be able to get closer together and it will feel a lot more normal.

Interestingly, singers who had been doing zoom sessions over lockdown found that the experience of  hearing themselves in those sessions made it easier to sing in a socially distanced choir- so it wasn’t without it’s benefits!

It’s great to get back to singing and seeing people and even if we have to miss some because of weather, that’s fine.