Dear Singers,

this week I was challenged to do Let the River Run. I took a deep breath and made a start only to realise that I already have excellent part recordings, including an all parts track and also there are YouTube videos of us singing for water in Manchester ( when we had to hide in the town hall corridors from the deluge) and of me rehearsing the massed Street Choirs at Kendal Leisure centre. Both will take you back , if you were there.  The parts are in the members area as usual and the links to the videos below.
(you may have to copy the link and paste it into your browser as something seems to change when I copy them here. Sing for Water North 2016 Kendal Street Choirs




We the great and small stand on a star and blaze a trail of desire
through the darkening dawn

As a little bonus this week I am including a song you haven’t heard before. I say this with certainty because NOBODY has heard it before.
Our dear and multitalented Noreen Lobo , who has been in the Nelson group from the very beginning, wrote a tune for the harp and sent it to me to try on the piano. It sounded quite Welsh to me and put a little scene in my mind and a few words. Well, now it is a song in 2 parts. The words are below and there is a link to my Acapella version of it, just for fun!

Childhood Friendship, music by Noreen Lobo lyrics, by Olwyn Pearce

Princes in our hill top castle, Our Joe, Ceri, Dai and me Pirates sailing over the ocean, Little Joe, Ceri, Dai and me
Out we go each morning early Don’t come back til hunger calls Over the fields we go,

Hailing to all we know,
Ceri, Little Joe, Dai and me
Ah, those days we always remember Little Joe, Ceri, Dai and me

Verse 2
Now we’re kings of our own castles,

Our Joe, Ceri, Dai and me,

Kept apart by miles and oceans,

Little Joe, Ceri, Dai and me,

Through the years we’ve had our adventures,

Some together, some apart,

But as the years they go

There is one thing we know

Ceri, Little Joe Dai and me

Have our bonds of friendship to strengthen us

Little Joe, Ceri, Dai and Me