What a wonderful time we had at the Street Choirs Festival! About 40 Secret Singers took part (I am not sure of the exact number because it was like counting a box of frogs!!) and we made a very good showing. All the groups, Read, Nelson, Todmorden and Marple were represented and came together to sing as one choir.20140712_185411

We had a great rehearsal for the Mass Sing on Saturday morning and filled the Hope Baptist church with soaring song. We were lead by Carol Donaldson, who leads our own Marple group (as well as Calder Valley Voices and Wrexham Community Choir), Helen Yeomans who wrote the song she taught- Chanson and also wrote one of the songs we will learn next term called Love Lies Sleeping, and Liz Power of the Manchester Community Choir and the Remingtons- it was all very enjoyable.

Then we were all marshalled into Lee’s Yard- 1000 of us and sang our songs. you can watch us singing one of the songs on youtube by searching for -a thousand people in the square-
20140712_161348In the afternoon we did 2 slots of busking and a chance to hear other choirs as they busked too. It was a great opportunity for us to rehearse our evening concert pieces as this crew had not sung together before. I think  we went down very well! I was so pleased when I heard comments that the choir really looked like they were enjoying themselves.


20140712_140200Because there were so many choirs taking part -38 – the evening concert was divided into two to run in parallel, one in  Hope Baptist Church and one across the roads in the Picture House. We were in the church and it was a fabulous show- particularly our bit of course!! Seriously, I was so immensely proud of our choir- it was the best we have ever song those songs- Tebe Poem, Rain Falls and Don’t Fence Me In. It was a pity that the 2 members from Marple ended up being just one for the performance as Paul Dewey was also singing with the Picture House Choir in the the other venue and at the same time. This was due to us having to change our time slot in order for for those who came on the bus to get out in time.

On Sunday morning we had workshops to attend and a follow up picnic and get together which was also lovely and a chance to catch up with people and have a nattter.

All in all it was a very enjoyable weekend- will we get a team together for next year’s event which will be in Whitby?