This week’s Song of the Week is Fire in my Heart. No video this week just a cracking audio. We had a go at this song after I heard it at the 2019 Annual Gathering of Natural Voice leaders. It isn’t difficult and you can have a go at any or all of the parts ( not at the same time!) It was written and shared by Emily Robly who said this about it….

‘I wrote this because the burning in my heart doesn’t always feel easy to sit with and it could be confused with an angry feeling – but I realised it is a burning of fierce love for this planet, for positive change and for peace’

I just love love love the harmonies in it, Enjoy.

Some people have said that they are enjoying singing along to the Song of the Week recording and others don’t feel comfortable about it, the following from a colleague of mine, Dave Camlin, may be helpful:

“You may not feel like singing alone at home, but don’t be deterred by your voice which maybe sounds unfamiliar to you now that it is not being blended with other voices. You may even be hearing little inaccuracies and inconsistencies in your voice, but don’t be down-hearted: these are part of your voice’s unique character. In a choir, it’s these things (what Charles Keil calls ‘participatory discrepancies’) which make the music satisfying, and recognisably human – without them it would sound like robots singing. Your voice doesn’t have to be perfect! Sing in the voice you were born with and that represents you as a unique and distinctive wonderful human being”.