Last Sunday (6th March) I went to Manchester with Hazel and Maureen from the Nelson Secret singers group. We attended the first of the song learning workshops for the Sing for Water North event. We had a very uplifting day learning the 6 songs and were heartened by the fact that the £15 we each paid will provide clean safe water for 1 person for a year! So we have done something very positive already.

I now have the music and the sound files for all the songs and we will be learning them in our classes. I guess there were about 70 people at the workshop and the sound was fabulous even though the parts were not difficult. They are expecting a few hundred singers on the Sunday 19th June for the actual event and I think it will be brilliant to be inside that body of sound.

There is another song learning workshop on Sunday 5th June and the good thing is that each person pays £15 whether they go to 1 or 2 workshops and the main event or if they go just for the event- so why not get the better value and go down on the 5th June too.

On the event day I will arrange a bus if we have sufficient people to warrant it as expect parking might be tricky. Sing for Water is piggy-backing onto the Manchester Day parade so it should be a great day out with lots going on. (Perhaps we should have Secret Singers, Sing for Water  T-shirts?).