Secret Singers have the opportunity to join with other choirs in the Northwest to raise money for water aid and have some fun.

The plan is to have a masssed sing in one of central Manchester’s squares on 19th June 2011 with lots of choirs joining in. Prior to that date there will be two rehearsal days in Manchester (details to follow) at which we will learn the songs. Participants will pay £15 for each of those days and then on the day itself there will be a rehearsal at Manchester town hall in the morning and the massed sing in the afternoon. Any money remaining after expenses will go to Water Aid along with any monies the choirs are able to raise.

We will be learning the songs in class too so that we can all share the fun, even those unable to go on the day. Please remember that there is no pressure for you to perform, but there is an opportunity for you to broaden your musical experiences!