Here we are at Wainsgate Chapel above Hebden BridgeIt was a lovely day listening to the other choirs and doing our own peformance too. Such variety. There were Zarebi who sing Georgian songs with their haunting harmony, Bradford Women Singers with their strong messages and beautiful voices, the hilarious yodelling group and PICante the women’s choir from Germany who sang wonderful songs from around the world.

We had singers from the Read, Nelson, Todmorden, and East Lancs Carers Chorus groups coming together to create the day’s choir and we had soloists for the first time ever! I was delighted with the sound we made. Our songs of peace, love and friendship really went done well.

We had lots of compliments on our performance but my favourite was the lady who said that our strong sense of community was very evident both on and off stage and that she loved the feeling of inclusion we created.

I am so proud of you all