As if a sign would be enough to keep us quiet!

Yes folks, I am touring in America with a choir! Of course, it is a secret singing mission and I am in disguise as a guest member of the Amici singers from Bedfordshire.

We have been staying with very kind American hosts and singing concerts and little impromptu bursts as we go.

We spent a rainy day in Washington looking at all the memorials through the rainy windows of the tour bus and ende the day with a concert at Christian Community Presbyterian Church in Bowie. They were very welcoming and we sang all the religious parts of the prepared programme. They then hosted a reception for us which included strawberries with a 6in girth! (yes we did measure them).

On Saturday we went to sing in a shopping mall. We were on the opposite side of a fountain from the Easter Bunny who was having his photo taken with a great long line of children, rather like going to see Father Christmas. It was lovely to have an unrestrained sing and the sun streamed through the skylight too. I the evening we had a wonderful song sharing session with Hazel’s daughter Sarah and her friend Jan. It was lots of fun.

Happy Easter

Easter Sunday was our last with our wonderful damascus host (thank you, Hazel) and we attended and sang at 2 of the Easter services along with their cherub choir, childrens choir, chamber choir, wesley choir and brass choir! It was quite an event and was followed up with yet another lovely meal at Hazel’s and having our photo taken with the Easter bunnies too.