November 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Secret Singers! 1 today

Today is exactly 1 year since Secret Singers opened for business. From a very small beginning we now have over 80 people involved in singing over 4 groups. It has been wonderful meeting and singing with so many lovely people and I am very excited to continue to share all the songs I know and gather for you. Thanks to everyone who has supported this venture so far – it would not be the same without you! I look forward to seeing you in class. Olwyn

October 22, 2011

Children in Need need Secret Singers!

Olwyn and the Secret Singers will be leading a participation session at a Children in Need event run by Ribble Valley Jazz and Blues. The whole event will run from 11am -11pm on 12th November at the Clitheroe Castle’s Atrium Cafe and we will just be doing the 5-6pm slot. I understand there is an entrance fee for audience but I don’t have any details as yet of how the organisers plan to raise money from the event- but obviously that is the objective! Secret Singers will be on from …

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October 14, 2011

The Christmas Big Sing

I now have the arrangements for the Big Sing in place. Everyone is welcome and please bring your partner/spouse/ significant other or whatever. It will take place on Tuesday 20th Dec 7.30pm til 11ish at St Peters Old school Simonstone (That is the old building opposite Simonstone Primary School). Obviously there is no bar so it will be BYO (bring your own) and we will have a Jacob’s Join Supper too- it was magnificent in the summer! To cover the expenses I will be making a charge of £2.50 per …

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October 13, 2011

Our new members page

We now have a new page to the website and it is just for members. (Many thanks to our lovely web designer, Jonathan Monkhouse) This page is available via a members password and it is where I will post all the recording of the tunes and the words of the songs we are learning currently, you will be able to download them from there. This will mean that anyone joining us won’t miss out on songs that I have posted earlier (which was happening when I was emailing the information …

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October 13, 2011

Invitation to sing at Moorland School Christmas Fair

Well that time has come when we need to start learning some songs in preparation for Christmas. I have some super pieces that I can’t wait to share with you. This includes an interesting version of Away in a Manger, the Jazz Gloria and a lively and funky tune and arrangement by Faith Watson to which I have written Christmas words. There are a couple of others too but let’s see how we go! We have been invited to provide a team to sing at a Christmas Fair at Moorland …

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August 30, 2011

The New Term is about to Start!

Well, I have cycled 523 miles around Holland whilst learning all the parts of the songs for the new term, I am suitably refreshed and can’t wait to start singing again! All the classes start in the week beginning 5th September and I am looking forward to seeing old friends again and welcoming new members to the groups. Whilst I was away I collected a song from some Swedish ladies and one from Jan our Dutch holiday guide. I can’t wait to bring these to class as a holiday souvenir to you …

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August 4, 2011

Our First ‘Big Sing’

Saturday 8th July saw a fantastic event at Burwain Sailing club in Foulridge. Secret Singers had their first massed classes party and sing. All four classes were represented- even Marple (thanks to Clare for making the effort to come all that way) and the newest class in Clitheroe also made a good showing. We had a beautiful balmy evening with the sun low over the lake and took the opportunity to do the warm-ups outside on the jetty,to the puzzlement of the nearby fishermen! When we got too chilly we …

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July 27, 2011

Olwyn Abseils 177ft for MacMillan Cancer Care

Following Sing for Water I visited Newport for the weekend and took part in an abseiling event for MacMillan Cancer Care. About 50 people abseiled from the top of Newport’s Transporter Bridge It was great fun and we had a fabulous day for it and were able to see for miles whilst waiting for our turn at the top. I spent most of my waiting time thinking up a good song for the trip down- I came up with Puppet on a String and sang it at the top of my voice all the way down!
You may notice that I was wearing my Secret Singers, Sing for Water North t-shirt for the event, I was thinking of you all.

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July 18, 2011

Sing For Water North 2011

Well, we did it! We learned all the songs and we participated in a massed sing of over 300 voices! What a great day we had. There was a fantastic atmosphere in the morning workshop inside Manchester town hall and then the sun came out for us to have our lunch in the square – including birthday cake! The weather kept fine throughout the afternoon, although it was a bit windy which spoiled the recording a little. There are recordings on youtube which are great to see to get an …

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April 27, 2011

Secret Singer Tours America!

Yes folks, I am touring in America with a choir! Of course, it is a secret singing mission and I am in disguise as a guest member of the Amici singers from Bedfordshire. We have been staying with very kind American hosts and singing concerts and little impromptu bursts as we go. We spent a rainy day in Washington looking at all the memorials through the rainy windows of the tour bus and ende the day with a concert at Christian Community Presbyterian Church in Bowie. They were very welcoming …

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