We will start classes again on Tuesday 11th September for Read and Marple, Wednesday 12th for Todmorden and Thursday 13th for Carers Chorus and Nelson. It will be a great time for new starters or rejoiners to come along

I hope that all my wonderful singing friends are having a good summer break, I certainly am. I am now starting to do the preparation for the new term. We have a couple of events coming up and so initially we will be doing songs relating to those.

On  Sunday October 7th we will be mustering a team to sing at a choir festival in Hebden Bridge. We will do a half hour set of songs of love, friendship and unity. It is a commemoration of the end of the First World War and a German choir is coming too. We will use some songs from last term and I have a couple of others up my sleeve too!

Saturday 29th September is the workshop day for those who have signed up for our part in the musical, Keep the Home Fires Burning, which will be performed on Thursday 18th October. You can still sign up if you wish and I will send you all the relevant information.

I am really looking forward to seeing you all again soon, and if it will be your first time- WELCOME