There are several dates here for events you may wish to participate in.

We have been invited to to sets at 2 venues on Jubilee day,
Monday 4th June one in Chatburn and one in Read- so that is pretty much a tour!
Friday 1st juneWe have been asked to sing at a Jubilee Garden Party in Burnley for Carer’s Link for 30 mins in this afternoon.
I have said it will depend on whether we can get a team together for these so it would be helpful to get some feedback from you on this.
Sing for Water will be on the same day as the Manchester day parade which is 10th June . I don’t yet have repertoire or workshop dates.
There will also be a Summer Big Sing in July before we break for the holidays.
A Spring Big Sing has been suggested- would people like to do that too do you think?Dates for these are yet to be arranged
Sing for Water North will be on Sunday 10th June and will coincide with the Manchester Day Parade again. It was a great day out and for a really good cause. I don’t have the dates for the preceding workshops yet but will let you know when I have them. Also,as soon as I get music we will be learning the repertoire in all the classes too
So there is lots to look forward to and join in which ever you wish, although I will be asking you to indicate your interest for organisational purposes. see you in class!