Dates and Fees


-The rooms have been chosen for their large size and airiness. It will give us plenty of space to spread out.

  • in Todmorden we are first in the hall that day so there will have been plenty of time to allow the aerosol from any  other user to dissipate and in Padiham there is a 3.5hr gap between us and the prious user, so plenty of time for the air to refresh.

-The rooms are regularly cleaned.

-Hand sanitizer is freely available in the rooms and the toilets

-Antibacterial wipes will be available for you to clean your chair.

-No drinks will be provided. This means just bring your own, bottle or flask whatever you like but nobody else will have touched it and you know where it has been.

-Choir members are asked to only come to class if they and their household are symptom free and they have not been asked to isolate. This is the main reason for us going back to ‘pay as you go’. People are sure to have to have a week off here and there, even me. Let’s be gentle to each other and enjoy what time we can get together. I will do a Lateral Flow test on the morning of class and will confirm that I have a negative test result and that class can go ahead. I suggest that singers also do a test before class.If nobody is infected there is nothing to pass on in class.

-Please respect your fellow singers by giving them plenty of space when chatting.

-As we sing in a circle usually we are not singing into anyone’s face, the bigger the circle the further away you are from your opposite singer.

-We will avoid touching anything in the building unnecessarily and i will anti bac the common touch points at the end of class.

This not touching includes cash. Cash passes through many hands so avoiding it whenever possible seems a good precaution. Hopefully a card payment machine will soon be in operation for contactless payments.

-Ventilation- we will ventilated the room as much as possible, please make sure you have sufficient clothing to cope with this, especially as the weather deteriorates. During our break we will open the door to refresh the air.


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