I have been doing my final preparations for this term and I can’t wait to share these songs with you! Here is the list- (members will be able to access the sound files in the members area shortly.) We may not have time (or in some classes, the necessary voices) to tackle all of these- I will see what you like and can achieve. Of course, the more consistent the groups are the more we will get done. Also, later in the term I will add a bit of Christmas flavour in there too. I hope you will enjoy the songs I have chosen, see you soon- Olwyn

Amazing Grace- a round version by Gitika Partington

Da Doo Ron Ron- which I have been promising for a while

Hey Dum ba- a Brazilian song

I Stand Tall- also by Gitika

Ipharadisi- Trad South African- really joyful

Siyahamba- as above

Love is the sweetest thing- Noble

River Song- a new song by my friend Katherina Garrett-Adams, very evocative.

Sorrows away- Trad drinking song

All I have to do is dream- arranged by Gitika Partington

A North African Bridal song

Inch Worm