What it's all about

‘Secret Singers’ is all about harmony singing groups and is aimed particularly, though not exclusively, at people who love to sing but usually sing in secret; in the kitchen with the tumble dryer running, in the car or whilst doing the vacuuming – especially when no-one is around!

People have lots of reasons for singing secretly but the same stories crop up time and time again:

  • I can’t sing
  • The teacher told me to mime in music lessons
  • I am an embarrassment to my family when I try to sing
  • Even my children tell me to stop
  • I couldn’t join a choir because I don’t read music
  • I don’t know what kind of voice I have so I would be uncomfortable joining a choir

So often these comments are accompanied by a heartfelt wish to be able to sing and join in with others. This is where ‘Secret Singers’ comes in.

I work according to the principles of the Natural Voice Network and believe that singing is a natural form of expression that should not be denied to anyone.

If you can talk, you can sing

At Secret Singers all music is taught by ear and you are free to choose which part you would like to sing and even try singing different parts in different songs. Everyone is welcome, whether or not you have had any previous singing experience. There are no auditions and you chose when and whether you join in a performance. Most of the singing is just for us.

The objectives are to have fun singing with others, to learn to use your voice freely and confidently and to feel the joy of being part a bigger sound – being part of the harmony.

The songs are chosen to  be accessible to all. You may sing songs from a variety of styles and cultures or from a vast repertoire of songs specifically written and arranged for community choirs. I aim for fun, harmony and inclusion, though we do have some moving and thought provoking songs in the mix.

Think of it as rhythms and harmonies to ROCK your world, POPular songs of many eras and cultures and lyrics to touch your SOUL.

There has been a lot of research showing that singing is good for our general well-being and the best activity that you can take up for making friends

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